Open House with Irvey’s Ice Cream

Open House with Irvey’s Ice Cream


There’s something magical about the way ice cream can instantly turn any event into a whimsical and delightful affair. This summer, schools throughout Knox and Blount counties are hosting open houses for families and students, and we’re here to show you why Irvey’s Ice Cream is the *perfect* addition to your event!


Goodbye Snow Cones, Hello Ice Cream!

Let’s face it—snow cones have had their moment in the sun (literally). You see them everywhere, and everyone is looking for something fresh, nostalgic, and downright delicious: enter Irvey’s Ice Cream! Teachers, it’s time to treat your students to a creamy, dreamy scoop (or two) just in time for back to school. Trust us when we say it’s a total game-changer.

A Scoop of Happiness: Knox and Blount County’s Love Affair with Ice Cream

Whether you’re a kid or a kid-at-heart, one thing is for sure: everyone in Knox and Blount counties *loves* ice cream. With so many happy memories tied to this delightful frozen treat, an Irvey’s ice cream cart at your open house will be a surefire hit. Watch as everyone—from students to parents—ignites that childlike love for ice cream that brings joy to Knox and Blount counties.

Cool Off and Connect at Your Open House

Being in the middle of summer, open houses can feel more like a furnace than a welcoming event. Thankfully, Irvey’s Ice Cream has your back! There’s nothing quite like a cool and refreshing scoop of your favorite flavor to bring the temperature down and get everyone mingling and enjoying themselves. Say goodbye to sweaty, uncomfortable gatherings, and hello to a summer oasis.

Choose Irvey’s for a Perfectly Sweet Open House Experience

Open houses setting foot in Knox and Blount counties sure deserve a delightful cool-off companion. If you’re ready to make your back-to-school event or open house a magical and whimsical experience, look no further than Irvey’s Ice Cream. So why wait? Let’s bring that spoonful of happiness to your event and remind everyone of the role ice cream plays in life’s sweetest moments. Contact us today and get ready for heaps of joy!