Irvey’s Ice Cream Pairings in Knoxville

Irvey’s Ice Cream Pairings in Knoxville

Planning a perfect meal ending with an Irvey’s ice cream dessert? Though we firmly believe our ice cream is fantastic on its own, it can also be the perfect complement to a great meal. But what foods pair best with our ice cream? Read on to discover some delightful dinner ideas around town that will set the stage for an Irvey’s ice cream dessert, enhancing the overall dining experience. Whether you’re a fan of sweet and salty combinations or you’re looking for a light meal to precede a decadent dessert, we’ve got some suggestions that will leave your taste buds craving for more. Read on: Irvey’s Ice Cream Pairings Knoxville…

A Dopo Pizza

At A Dopo, you can enjoy the perfect pre-Irvey’s ice cream dinner. This pizzeria, located in the heart of downtown Knoxville, TN, is known for its wood-fired, sourdough, Neapolitan-ish pizzas that are a delight for the palate. Their small-batch gelato, Italian wines, and local beers are a testament to their commitment to quality and authenticity. A word of advice – reservations are strongly recommended due to the restaurant’s popularity. If you prefer a cozier dining experience, they also offer larger format, “NY” style pizzas available for online ordering or over the phone. This satisfying meal, followed by our luscious ice cream, will surely make for a memorable dining experience.

Sweet P’s Barbecue and Downtown Dive

For those who crave smoky flavors, Sweet P’s Barbecue and the Downtown Dive is a must-visit. Tucked away in the vibrant arts district of Old City, this low-key barbecue spot exudes the laid-back vibes of a dive bar. The Downtown Dive boasts a spacious beer garden, making it an ideal location for relaxed evenings. Its menu offers a range of smoked delicacies, from Boston butts to brisket, all complemented by soul food classics such as collards and cole slaw. A diverse selection of wines and craft beers are also available, further enhancing the dining experience. An interesting tidbit – Sweet P’s owns the World’s Fair logo and is adorned with a variety of kitschy collectibles. After a hearty meal at Sweet P’s, an indulgent scoop of Irvey’s ice cream would be the perfect ending.

Saloon 16

UT football legend Peyton Manning opened this Western-inspired watering hole at the Graduate hotel in 2020, and it’s been an elevated game-day staple ever since. Decked with memorabilia from “the Sheriff’s” personal collection, wood paneling on the floors and walls, and cozy booths, Saloon 16 creates an immersive atmosphere for its guests. The knockout chicken parm sandwich and a diverse drink menu are a delight for the palate. If you’re planning to cheer on the Volunteers, make a pit stop at Saloon 16 for its game day menu. The selection features cowboy caviar, delectable chicken wings, and a Tennessee Orange, a refreshing cocktail made with vanilla vodka, orange juice, and pineapple. This lively venue, combined with the ultimate dessert of Irvey’s ice cream, promises an unforgettable game-day experience.


Farmacy is a gem tucked within the culinary landscape of Knoxville, TN. This local, chef-owned restaurant prides itself on offering quick, freshly prepared meals to the community. As a testimony to their commitment to freshness and quality, everything on the menu is made from scratch in their bustling kitchen. The restaurant’s menu is a celebration of southern-inspired dishes, crafted with an emphasis on fresh and natural ingredients. Farmacy collaborates with local purveyors like Flour Head Bakery, Sunrise Dairy, Shelton Farms, Sweet Water Valley Cheese, Bloomsbury Farm, Painted Hills Beef, Springer Mountain Farm, Special Growers, Snapps Ferry, Studio Brew, Beeler’s, Green Valley, & Honeybee Coffee to bring the finest produce to their tables. If you like to hop spots for dessert, consider a scoop of Irvey’s ice cream for a sweet note.

Chick N Sack

Chick N Sack, a beloved establishment in Knoxville, TN, is a feast for all chicken lovers. This local eatery is owned and operated by Boo Jackson, who brings his culinary prowess to the table by serving up the finest chicken in town. The signature offering here is the chicken seasoned with his unique blend known as “K Town Krack”. This special seasoning, a secret recipe curated by Jackson himself, has patrons coming back for more. The irresistible flavor of the K Town Krack seasoning is unlike any other, making Chick N Sack a must-visit destination for foodies in Knoxville. Whether you’re in the mood for fried chicken, chicken wings, or even a chicken sandwich, Chick N Sack ensures that every bite is packed with an explosion of flavors.

Irvey’s Ice Cream dessert Experience

Knoxville, TN, presents a gastronomical adventure like no other. Whether you’re whetting your appetite at Farmacy, or indulging in the unique offerings at Chick N Sack, there’s a journey to be had. And what better way to end this delicious experience than with a scoop of Irvey’s ice cream? Each of these locations offers a distinctive dining experience, setting the stage perfectly for your sweet finale. So, there you have it! Five amazing spots that could be the perfect prequel to your Irvey’s Ice cream dessert experience. Enjoy your culinary journey through Knoxville!