Irveys Ice Cream in Knoxville

Ice cream has been a staple in our lives since we were little kids, and its appeal only grows over time. Knoxville is lucky enough to have one of the best crafted ice cream around, and that is none other than Irveys Ice Cream. They have been crafting delightful frozen treats for over a decade now. With its seasonal craft flavors and its location in the Kerns Food Hall in Knoxville, TN, Irveys Ice Cream is a place you don’t want to miss.

Creative Flavors

Irvey’s Ice Cream’s creative flavors are what set them apart from their competitors. Their rotating menu consists of both classic and unconventional flavors that are rotated seasonally. You can expect to find year-round flavors like vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry, but also be surprised by flavors like bacon, sweet potato pie, and pumpkin spice during the autumn season. Irveys takes pride in the use of quality ingredients and sourcing local produce whenever they can. This is what makes their ice cream special.

Future Kerns Food Hall Location

The location of Irvey’s Ice Cream only makes it more enticing. Irvey’s will be nestled in the upcoming Kerns Food Hall. This Knoxville foodie destination will host a range of food and beverage options. It’s a perfect way to top off a snack before or after visiting other delicious food stalls in the hall. Imagine wandering through the food hall, savoring some hot fried chicken or a juicy burger, and then satisfying your sweet tooth with some ice cream. Sounds indulgent, right?

Art of Making Ice Cream

Irvey’s Ice Cream puts an emphasis on the art of making ice cream. They masterfully marry flavors that make each dessert a memorable experience. Try their best-seller called “Cereal Killer,” which combines Vanilla ice cream with fruity cereal chunks and marshmallows. Then, there’s the “Strawberry Fields” ice cream, which is a mouthful of fresh strawberries and bits of shortcake that blend so well, creating a piece of heaven in your mouth.

See You There

In conclusion, Irveys Ice Cream is a place you absolutely have to experience. Its perfect location in the charming Kerns Food Hall and its decadent selection of flavors will make it a convenient and delightful destination for all your sweet cravings. Make sure to try some of their unique ice cream treats like the Cereal Killer and the strawberry fields. These flavors will not only satiate your cravings but also offer a genuine delight to your taste buds. Whether you’re a kid, young adult, or foodie, Irveys Ice Cream will leave you with a delightful impression that’ll make you want to come back again and again.