Bulk Ice Cream Orders in Knoxville

Bulk Ice Cream Orders in Knoxville

If you’re an ardent fan of ice cream, we have some exciting news: Irvey’s Ice Cream brings its array of enticing frozen treasures to the Knoxville Community! Irvey’s is even set to launch a home base in the Kern’s Food Hall. While the countdown begins, we’re pleased to remind our patrons that our premium ice cream is also available in bulk for any upcoming event or addition to your business’s dessert menu.

Choose Your Favorite Flavor

Envision your event with a dessert table that features an assortment of ice cream that caters to every taste bud. Our flavor list includes the timeless Chocolate Bliss, a rich and velvety classic that never disappoints. There’s the crowd-pleaser Cookies and Cream, with its addictive mix of soft cookie chunks swirled in luxurious vanilla ice cream. Let’s not forget Strawberry, a refreshing choice bursting with fruity goodness, and Caramel, a perfect blend of creamy ice cream with caramel ribbons. Selecting these flavors for your event ensures an artisanal experience that complements memorable gatherings.

Bulk Ice Cream for Every Occasion

Irvey’s Ice Cream is synonymous with quality, variety, and convenience. With our bulk ice cream offering, planning your company picnic, celebrating a community event, or equipping your restaurant with the finest desserts has never been easier. Our commitment to using only the finest ingredients, coupled with a touch of local flair, guarantees smiles and satisfaction at the first scoop.

Personalized Catering Options

For those seeking an enhanced experience, Irvey’s doesn’t just stop at bulk orders. We are thrilled to offer catered services, bringing a personalized touch to your occasion. Whether it’s a wedding, a birthday party, or a corporate function, our catering team will ensure your guests enjoy a variety of flavors and top-notch service. And for a truly unique experience, our iconic ice cream truck can make a special appearance at your festival or event, creating a vibrant point of attraction that delivers joy on wheels.

Irvey’s Delivers Joy and Convenience

Worry not about the logistics, as Irvey’s Ice Cream prides itself on delivering large quantities straight to your location, ensuring seamless service from our heart to your venue. We are steadfast in our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, and our delivery service is a testament to this promise.

Savor the Season with Irvey’s

As the essence of spring infuses the air, there’s no better way to celebrate than by placing a bulk order with Irvey’s Ice Cream. Contact us to sample the magic we create or for a comprehensive wholesale menu. Our goal is to help you serve up scoops of happiness that will be the highlight of any affair.

Relish in the joy of every scoop with Irvey’s – the pinnacle of wholesale and catered ice cream excellence in Knoxville.